“Use Facebook as Page”

I just noticed that Faccebook published new feature called “Use Facebook as Page”.
Pretty nice feature for those people who have their own pages on Facebook, I mean business or some other stuff.
Honestly i think this is really good feature because your page becomes USER and you get notifications, you can see new likes and other stuff, but they shoul be more focused, if we are talking about pages, on possibility to REBRAND names of pages, which is NOT allowed if page have more then 100 likes.

I was playing with it for few minutes and it looks pretty promessing 😉
Although i have only 20 fans you can Like my page and my blog ….

My Fan page ….

Oki, how it works…..

Go to Accounts->Use Facebook as page
then choose your Page click Preview….

other steps are pretty straightforward… 😉

Oh only one thing…
When you finish Tour, on the right side you’ll see “Use Facebook as Danijel Maricic”, or in your case “Use Facebook as Name LastName”. Click on that and that’s it.
If you want to go back, then just go to Accounts and switch back ….


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